House Adopts Rep. Susie Lee’s Amendment to Help with the Doctor Shortages Plaguing Nevada

June 13, 2019
Press Release

Washington, DC—Late last night, Representative Susie Lee’s (NV-03) appropriations amendment was adopted by the House to increase funding for Graduate Medical Education (GME) positions in order to help address the doctor shortage crisis in southern Nevada. The Amendment was adopted with broad bipartisan support, with over 130 Republicans supporting itWith this funding, hospitals and facilities will be able to take on more medical school graduates for residencies and internships. Where doctors complete their residency is where they lay down their roots and begin their career. The increased funding for GME slots will be paid for by making cuts to the over $400 million budget that Education Secretary Betsy DeVos currently has at her disposal for cars, swanky hotel conference rooms, and other unnecessary spending at the expense of American taxpayers.

Rep. Lee released the following statement:

“We really need to invest more in Graduate Medical Education positions so hospitals have the capability to hire more doctors, and all southern Nevadans have greater access to health care. Unfortunately, there is a doctor shortage in southern Nevada and throughout the country, and it’s not because there aren’t any students pursuing a career in medicine.  By increasing our nationwide investment in opportunities after graduation, we will expand our doctor pipeline. Where these students complete their residencies is where they are most likely to begin their practice, which is why this amendment will help keep residents in Nevada and call our state home. We have to be deliberate about every dollar we’re investing in our health care and education systems, which is why it’s appropriate to cut wasteful spending from Secretary Devos’ slush fund to move towards an investment that will benefit our graduate students, hospitals, and access to quality health care.”