Appropriations Requests

A message from Congresswoman Lee

"It’s an honor to be nominated to serve on the House Committee on Appropriations and to be Nevada’s voice in the room where our nation’s most critical funding decisions are made. Right now, our country is facing unprecedented challenges that require significant resources to address. I want to make sure those resources are put to good use. Federal funds are so important for Nevada’s working families, and every year the House Appropriations Committee is responsible for passing spending bills that fund the federal government and determine how taxpayer dollars are allocated. These taxpayer dollars fund programs that support education, veterans, health care, nutrition, workforce development, infrastructure, public lands, and so many other critical public resources and services. Bottom line, I pledge to fight for budgets that support Nevadans and reflect our values."

Programmatic Requests

We have finalized and closed the process for programmatic requests for FY22. If you are interested in submitting a programmatic/language request for FY23, please use this appropriations request form to let us know about your priorities. We will update this link when we receive FY23 guidance.

Community Project Funding Requests

We have finalized and closed the process for community project funding requests for FY22. If you are interested in preparing a request for FY23, please visit the following links below to learn more about the requirements for each subcommittee:

Agriculture, Rural Development, Food and Drug Administration

Commerce, Justice, and Science


Energy and Water Development

Financial Services and General Government

Homeland Security

Interior and Environment

Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education

Military Construction, Veterans Affairs. and Related Agencies

Transportation, and Housing and Urban Development

The guidelines for the FY22 Community Project Funding request process from the House Committee on Appropriations can be found here, and will be updated when we receive FY23 guidance. In summary:

  • We will not be accepting Community Project Funding requests from non-profit organizations or private companies
  • Community engagement and support will be crucial in determining if projects are worthy of federal funding. Examples of demonstrated support include but are not limited to: support from newspaper editorial boards, letters of support from elected community leaders, and projects listed on state intended use or community development plans.
  • Requests will be published online.

Each project request must be for Fiscal Year 2023. Requests for multi-year funding will not be accepted.