Constituent Success Stories

“On behalf of our entire team at Emerald Island Casino, I would like to take this time to thank Congresswoman Lee and her team along with our entire Nevada delegation for their tireless efforts in being a pivotal factor allowing small Nevada gaming companies such as ours to be included for consideration to participate in the most recent PPP relief funding program announced last week. It means the world to me and our team at Emerald Island Casino knowing that fine elected officials in Nevada like Congresswoman Lee worked tirelessly on behalf of our industry to help us all during this time of unprecedented dire need and direction from our elected officials and it is something that all of us will not soon forget.” – Timothy Brooks, Co-Owner of Emerald Island

“I found myself in a tough situation due to the state's inability to respond to so many who had filed for unemployment assistance due to being furloughed. It was not an easy situation. I tried every avenue to try to get a response or some help and finally was given some assistance. Let me tell you that you have a gem in your office! She was kind, compassionate, cheerful and so amazing! She contacted me immediately and took all my information and kept right on top of things until I got paid. I am so grateful. I know the offices are overwhelmed and there is a lot to deal with to help everyone. Whoever hired her was very lucky to find such a professional individual.” – Kathleen

“In the 23 days I had been dealing with unemployment, I made more than 6000 phone attempts, numerous faxes and emails without even an acknowledgement, I decided to contact Susie Lee’s office to see if I could get any support. First of all, I was surprised when I actually got a live person on the phone. I fully expected to get a recording. After we spoke for the first time, I was hoping that you would be able to help. And whatever you were able to do for me, I so appreciate. It looked like on Friday my pending issues went away. Then over the weekend I began to see where my claims were being processed and it was showing me some dollar amounts. Then last night I saw that there was money on my debit card. I was so overjoyed and broke down in tears again. This time they were happy tears and tears of relief. This morning we were able to get some cash and pick up our much needed prescriptions. Your kindness in this time of crisis was so appreciated. I walked away from our few phone calls with the feeling that there are people out there who really do care. I hope Susie Lee knows what a kind and compassionate woman she has working for her. Thank you so much for listening (people don’t do a lot of that these days) and helping. You kind of renewed my faith in the human race and reinforced that there are still good and kind people out there willing to help.” – Pam

“I am sending you this email to personally thank you and your very kind and very helpful staff member for your assistance with my unemployment issues. Every time I called for some help, she was always there to give me assistance by getting back to me with answers to questions and providing me with phone numbers within DETR that might be able to help. I was eventually able to resolve my issue by reaching the Monetary Eligibility Unit that was able to provide me my additional 13 weeks of benefits and my Federal Pandemic Benefits. I just wanted you to know how appreciative I am for the help I received.” – Paul

“My husband and I would like to thank your office for assisting us to expedite my work permit. Your team worked closely and in a timely manner with us to make sure that we will be successful in requesting an expedited process from USCIS. After two weeks of contacting your office, my request got approved. It’s a great relief when we already received my EAD card. This means so much for us especially now that we are facing pandemic. I admire how you support and appreciate educators here in Las Vegas. Your service is what the people of Las Vegas need. We are so grateful for your help. Please stay safe and well. Again, thank you very much!” – Maria

“It was a pleasure speaking with you, your outstanding response to my concern was remarkable. I appreciate your prompt attention. Most of all, I would like to tell your immediate Manager that your Prompt Attention In this matter is beyond my belief how you made it your priority to ensure that this will be resolved.” – Adelina

“Ms. Lee, I would like to take this time to thank an employee from your office. She listened to my story, gave me words of encouragement, was very kind, and showed empathy and sympathy to my situation. She requested and I provided her with additional information about my unemployment claim. In addition, she called me back as promised with an update as to what your office could do to help me. She has done more for me in two days than any of the Senators I contacted approximately a month ago. Again, thank you so much for all that your office is/has done for me. And I didn’t receive radio silence.” – Anonymous

“Congresswoman Lee, I just wanted to let you know how appreciative I am of one of your employees, who had such a kind and pleasant way about her. I can tell she really cared about our situation. During a very trying time for my wife and me. She would call back as soon as she could and also whenever possible follow up on us to check how we were doing and help us in any way possible with any information we were lacking. She is a true asset to your office. Thank you so much and God Bless You.” – Anonymous

Arthur, a 92 year old World War II Navy veteran, reached out to our office to receive help with an issue regarding his veterans benefits. “The District office was very helpful and showed that they are legitimately concerned with helping veterans! I appreciate them!” – Arthur

Ella is special education teacher working in Nevada on an educational exchange visa (J-1 visa) from the Philippines. She was hired along with more than 100 other educators from the Philippines to address a critical teacher shortage in Clark County School District special education programs. Earlier this year, there were concerns that many of their visas would be denied renewal because of a technical issue in a state law. On behalf of Ella and all of the colleagues in her cohort, we brought together the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), the petitioner, the school district, and the Nevada Department of Education to find a solution for these teachers. Thankfully, we solved the issue and their licenses and visas were extended. “I am forever grateful and will be teaching at ease in my remaining years, knowing that my license is enough to teach here in CCSD. Rest assured that I will stay committed to my calling.” – Ella

Edwin contacted our office regarding a delay in his SSA benefits restarting in January 2020 despite two phone calls with SSA and two request letters. One of Rep. Lee’s district caseworkers quickly got in touch with SSA regarding the delay. Later that week, SSA confirmed that Edwin's account was updated and corrected, after which a few days later, Edwin received the entirety of his benefits missed due to the delay. “I praise you, Representative Lee, and all of the staff.” – Edwin

Oasis Counseling is one of the largest mental health providers in the state. Like many small businesses, they were hurting from the fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic. The company applied for an Economic Injury Disaster Loan Advance (EIDL Advance, but were unfortunately rejected for what we now know was a clerical error. At the time, they weren’t sure why they had been rejected, so Congresswoman Lee’s office worked with the Small Business Administration to find the problem and quickly solve the clerical error. Their company received a $10,000 EIDL Advance grant shortly after.

Terrence was stranded in the Philippines due to COVID-19. After his father contacted our office, we immediately connected him with the State Department to get timely updates on the status of Terrance’s return. Thankfully, Terrence safely departed from the Philippines during the height of the COVID-19 lockdown period, and is now back home. He is one of more than a dozen Nevadans our office has successfully helped return home during this pandemic.

Isabelle was owed a retirement annuity from the federal government, but thanks to delays and tie ups with the bureaucratic process, she waited for over a year to receive any payment. She contacted our office, and after making several inquiries, we were able to secure a back payment of over $15,000 and an ongoing monthly annuity.

Francisco applied for the CARES Housing Assistance Program (CHAP) back in December, but after waiting and receiving no response, he reached out to our office. We contacted his County Commissioner, Justin Jones, and in the end, we were able to secure $4,500 for Francisco in CHAP assistance. "No other office has called me back or helped me. My representative is listening and is doing something to help during these tough times and I am very appreciative for her help." – Francisco

Susan was having an issue with the SSA regarding her Medicare benefits. After reaching out to us for help, we contacted her local SSA office on her behalf and she was repaid approximately $2,400 in overdrawn Medicare premiums. "You have had total success on my behalf and I am in debt to you and Representative Lee in the solution of this problem. Thank you so very much for your work on this issue." – Susan