Constituent Success Stories



“In the 23 days I had been dealing with unemployment, I made more than 6000 phone attempts, numerous faxes and emails without even an acknowledgement, I decided to contact Susie Lee’s office to see if I could get any support. First of all, I was surprised when I actually got a live person on the phone. I fully expected to get a recording. After we spoke for the first time, I was hoping that you would be able to help. And whatever you were able to do for me, I so appreciate. It looked like on Friday my pending issues went away.


“I found myself in a tough situation due to the state's inability to respond to so many who had filed for unemployment assistance due to being furloughed. It was not an easy situation. I tried every avenue to try to get a response or some help and finally was given some assistance. Let me tell you that you have a gem in your office! She was kind, compassionate, cheerful and so amazing! She contacted me immediately and took all my information and kept right on top of things until I got paid. I am so grateful.