***VIDEO FILE INCLUDED*** Rep. Lee Urges Colleagues to Pass COVID-19 Relief, Support Problem Solvers Caucus Bipartisan Proposal

December 9, 2020
Press Release



Washington, D.C. – U.S. Rep. Susie Lee (Nev.-03) spoke on the floor of the House of Representatives to urge her colleagues in Congress to come together to pass an additional bipartisan COVID-19 relief package. 

The following is a transcript of Rep. Lee’s remarks:  

“I rise today on behalf of the people of Nevada’s Third Congressional District, with a plea to all of my colleagues.  

“We are now entering the darkest period of this pandemic.  

“Americans are scared, and I don’t blame them.  

“Americans are also angry, and they should be.  

“They’re angry at Congress and this administration for failing to pass more relief for struggling families, frontline workers, and small businesses. 

“Thousands more Nevadans filed for unemployment during the last few weeks.  

“Over 400,000 Nevadans remain at risk of eviction as housing assistance expires.  

“And as this virus uncontrollably spreads in every corner of the country, our frontline workers and hospitals are overwhelmed with a tidal wave of new COVID-positive patients.  

“There’s no time for the political games that have consumed Congress for months. There never was.  

“I’m pleading to my Republican and Democratic colleagues, to our leadership, and to this administration: it’s time to do our jobs and pass more COVID-19 relief now.” 

BACKGROUND: On Dec. 1, the Problem Solvers Caucus and a bipartisan group of senators announced a $908 billion, bipartisan COVID-19 emergency relief framework to help American students, families, small businesses, workers, and health care providers during this crisis. 

After months of failed progress on relief talks, this most recent bipartisan proposal from the Problem Solvers Caucus jumpstarted negotiations between the White House and Congressional leadership.