Rep. Susie Lee Commemorates Black History Month

February 3, 2020
Press Release

Las Vegas, Nev. - U.S. Rep. Susie Lee (Nev.-03) released the following statement commemorating February as Black History Month: 

“In every facet of society, America would not be what it is today without the contributions of the African American community. The celebration of African American history, leadership, and culture will never be confined to just one month, but every February we have the opportunity to lift up voices and stories from the Black community that we don’t hear as often as we should.  

“We cannot celebrate our progress as a society without also acknowledging the systemic and individual discrimination that Black Americans face to this day. Yes, on this day 150 years ago, the 15th Amendment was ratified, legally granting Black men the right to vote. But that does not mean voting discrimination ended the moment Thomas Mundy Peterson cast his vote in his local New Jersey election. Yes, in the 1950’s the Supreme Court outlawed public school segregation, but that does not mean racial inequality in our schools ended the moment Ruby Bridges walked into an all-White elementary school. 

“As a society, no matter what laws we pass or status quo’s we dismantle, there is always room for progress. This month and every month, let’s not forget that and embrace the fact that we all have a role in creating a more equitable community and country.”