***VIDEO FILE INCLUDED*** National Area Health Education Centers Organization Presents Rep. Susie Lee with Public Policy Leadership Award

October 7, 2020
Press Release



Las Vegas, Nev. – The National Area Health Education Centers (AHEC) Organization presented U.S. Rep. Susie Lee (Nev.-03) with their Public Policy Leadership Award for her work in Congress supporting AHECs, locally and nationally.  

“There is no doubt that our health care workers need all the support they can get right now,” said Rep. Lee. “Even before the coronavirus pandemic, southern Nevada’s doctor shortage and lack of workforce development was hurting Nevadans’ access to quality health care. After hearing from our local AHEC, Desert Meadows, it was clear to me that we can best support our health care workforce by increasing our nationwide investment in Area Health Education Centers. Thank you for presenting me with the Public Policy Leadership Award. I’ll continue to fight for every Nevadans’ access to quality, affordable health care.”

BACKGROUNDClick here to view an infographic of AHECs in Nevada.

Area Health Education Centers (AHEC) are health workforce training networks that partner with local colleges, universities, hospitals, and providers to recruit, train, and retain a diverse pipeline of local health workers particularly in underserved communities.   

After connecting with her constituents at Desert Meadows, the local AHEC in Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District, Rep. Lee saw a clear need for additional support from Congress. In July 2020, Rep. Lee introduced an amendment to increase AHEC funding for Fiscal Year 2021. This amendment passed with bipartisan support in the 2021 House of Representatives Appropriations Budget.